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Conan: Argos and Zingara

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Argos and Zingara are the dominant maritime nations of the Hyborian age, volatile, bloody and wealthy. Great merchants challenge the old ways of feudalism and suddenly one's skills are as important as the circumstances of one's birth. This volume is divided into three sections.

The first is devoted to Argos. With this section players can venture forth from the cosmopolitan trading city of Messantia (Messantia City of Riches) into the surrounding lands of this great southern coastal nation. The second section is devoted to the relatively chivalrous nation of Zingara. The third part provides material that can be safely used in both nations. 

Adventures and adventurers are not limited to piracy and plunder on the high seas as variant rules for non-coastal Argosseans and Zingarans are included, along with culturally-specific roles for each character class for each nation. Gladiators are discussed in detail and Fencing is given new rules as well, offering specialized Knowledge skills for rounding out the combat capabilities of Zingaran sword masters and Zingara's fencing schools. The cult of Mitra is described in previously untold detail in Faith & Fervour, including a new concept to make the Mitraic religion essential and vibrant to players of Mitra's worshippers. Mitra is explored through seven Mysteries. As one learns the mysteries of Mitra, one gains in power and understanding of the universe. Each nation is also given an expanded gazetteer. The cities have all been expanded in detail that will be similar to GMs and players alike who have experienced Conan: Aquilonia, Flower of the West and Stygia - The Sands of Death.


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